Last Saturday, September 30, dPS spoke with DevilThon Community Events Director, Morgan Dickerson, about planning this year’s DevilThon All-Star Competition. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: How did you get involved with DevilThon?
A: I got involved with DevilThon as a freshman at the activities fair and was part of the Morale Team for Dance Marathon 2016.

Q: Very cool! What has been your favorite experience with the organization?

A: My favorite part about being on DevilThon exec so far has been putting together our All-Star Competition. Seeing the finished product of a very talented group of competitors with some of Duke’s most award winning performance groups, representatives from Inside Joke, and very enthusiastic and passionate judges such as Kim Cates, Amy Wolf from Children’s Miracle Network, Riyanka Ganguly from DSG, and of course Grayson Allen, Nolan Smith, and Justin Robinson from Duke Men’s Basketball was unbelievable. The best part too was knowing that all of our hard work putting together this event was going to help the children at Duke Children’s Hospital.

Q: That’s amazing, thanks for putting so much effort into such a great cause! How do you think the events that you host effect those children’s lives?

A: Aside from raising funds to help support the incredible care these children receive at Duke Children’s Hospital, I believe our events help lift spirits and spread positive energy. These children are so strong but even the strongest need support to keep fighting. I remember one of my mentors from DevilThon last year told me to do everything with a smile because that means more to the kids than anything else.

How Can YOU get involved?