If you run into any issues, please feel free to email me, Ethan Lampert, at ethan.lampert@duke.edu, and I will do my best to address any problems you may have.

dPS Programming Grant

The Duke Partnership for Service offers a programming grant to help fund service events and projects that allow dedicated service organizations to increase their impact and expand their service focus. The aim of the grant is to encourage collaboration, cooperation, and community between students and service organizations who share a common vision for social progress and to act on their desire to serve different communities within Durham and even beyond. Overall, the grant looks to support events that expand service.

Important Note

Applicants must be recognized/chartered organizations by DSG and SOFC and approved by dPS to be eligible to submit applications. The aim of the grant is to foster creative innovation, cooperation, and collaboration between Duke students and the community they serve. We look to fund service projects and events at Duke and in the Durham community that engage Duke students, and we will provide up to $1,000 in financial and logistics support as well as the marketing power of the Duke Partnership for Service. Grants will be awarded based on a combination of feasibility, sustainability, attention to cost and effectiveness, and accountability.

For funding for service projects, complete this application and email it to dPSfunding2017@gmail.com