The goal and purpose of Synapse is to support undergraduate students at Duke University academically, professionally, and socially.  We will focus on events that enhance our members’ conceptual and factual understanding of neuroscience and neurology as well as promote networking and community outreach in a social setting. We teach, we learn, we eat, we volunteer together – and it’s all about neuroscience. Everybody is welcome to come see what we’re about – whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, teacher, administrator, high school student, middle school student, parent, dragon, drosophila, aplysia… all are welcome!
Threshold volunteering description:

Threshold is a Clubhouse in Durham dedicated to helping adults with mental illness through supporting them in their work, advancing their education, and reaching their personal goals. Synapse currently volunteers at Threshold on a biweekly basis, engaging club members in craft activities and games. We are planning on developing a computer skills course to teach at the clubhouse in support of Threshold’s goals.


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