Public Health Brigades

Duke Global Public Health Brigades is a chapter of Global Brigades, which works to  promote sustainable community development in Latin American countries. As a Public Health chapter of Global Brigades, we contribute to the overall goal by addressing preventable illnesses through the building of basic infrastructure like eco-stoves, concrete flooring, septic tanks, and sanitation stations. Each year, members of the club go on a week-long brigade to work on these infrastructure projects with local masons in rural villages in either Nicaragua or Honduras. The program is unique in that it seeks to provide long-term solutions–i.e. eco-stoves help prevent respiratory illnesses by minimizing air pollution due to cooking with an open fire inside the home, flooring helps prevent parasitic diseases due to dirt flooring, and sanitation stations provide a source of water close to home other than a potentially polluted river for bathing, washing laundry, and using the bathroom. Throughout the year, Duke Public Health Brigades organizes educational programs for both its members and the general student body on issues like public health and voluntourism.

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