Project HEAL: Health Education and Awareness in Latin America

Project H.E.A.L. (Health Education and Awareness in Latin America) is a volunteer organization that seeks to eradicate health disparities in Latin American communities through health education and awareness. Our philosophy is centered on community-based research and service. We have a strong international partnership with Un Mundo, a nonprofit organization based in El Pital, Honduras. Every year our executive board and Honduras project leaders collaborate with El Pital community members to identify community goals and needs. We also have a strong domestic partnership with the Durham Crisis Response Centre (DCRC) and work with Latino families to teach them about important healthcare, prevention, and any other health-related concerns.

Mission: To implement community-based research and service projects in Latin American communities and reduce health disparities through research, education, and empowerment both domestically and abroad.

Main Annual Events: We typically are involved in Global Health Week and Springternational. We hope to be more involved in other on campus events this year!