Genome Research & Education Society (GRES)

The Genome Research & Education Society (GRES) aims to promote scholarship and research in the genome sciences and policy within Duke and the surrounding community. Through our various programs, we provide opportunities for students to become involved in research, mentorship and educational outreach while engaging with the community in this exciting field. Our Shadowing Program pairs students with other undergraduate researchers in diverse fields of research, providing not only insights about the research process but also mentorship and connections with faculty in the field. The Faculty Dinner Series provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in in-depth dinner discussions with faculty across a range of disciplines related to the genome sciences while the Explore Biotech Program facilitates conversation among students and leaders in the biotech industry and Research Triangle Park. Through our GRES Reads and Museum Volunteering Program, students can also volunteer either at a local library or at the NC Museum of Life and Science to teach basic science concepts to children and engage with them in interactive learning activities. Each year, we also hold an annual DNA week in April whereby we bring together the Duke Community in a series of dinners, discussions and activities pertaining to DNA and the genomic sciences. Students can get involved with GRES by simply attending any of our dinner or volunteering events or by emailing us at