Duke Splash

Duke Splash is an innovative educational program aimed at sparking intellectual curiosity in high school students disenchanted by cookie-cutter courses taught at their schools. Duke Splash is a Saturday event hosted during the fall and spring semesters that draws hundreds of middle and high school students (grades 7-12) from around the Research Triangle Area to participate in short, creative courses/workshops taught by undergraduates. Past courses include, Bachify Yourself: A Songwriter’s Toolbox, Cheesecakeology, Genome Sequencing, Bhangra Lesson, Efficiency in Economics, and Fantastic Voyage: The Environment at the Nanoscale. Duke students are highly crucial to our events as they serve as the teachers and volunteers in our program. As teachers, they design their own class, choose the grade ranges and times, and get their own supplies and classroom.  As volunteers, they help check-in our students and guide them to their classes.

Contact: becky.li@duke.edu

Website: dukesplash.learningu.org