Duke Food Project

In 2011, the Duke Food Project formed out of a merger between the Duke Community Garden and the brand new Duke Campus Farm. The greatest success of the 2010-2011 year was the launch of the Duke Campus Farm, which sells produce to Duke’s food service, Bon Appetit. Moreover, the Duke Food Project began (and has finally completed!) a full landscape redesign of the Duke Community Garden to enhance its function.

The Duke Food Projects strives to impact the Duke community’s attitude about and awareness of food sources and production methods. Furthermore, they hope to provide wholesome sustainable food on campus. They achieve these goals primarily through work days. The project hosts community work days at both the garden and the farm and invites both students and faculty to learn about growing produce. These work days foster a community around growing and learning about food and are welcoming of new participants, no experience required! The food project provides a flexible, comfortable space to grow and maintain your own produce as well as learn from others about sustainable gardening and agriculture.

Contact: simone.serat@duke.edu

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