Duke Disability Alliance

The mission of Duke Disability Alliance (DDA, formerly ICAN) is to promote advocacy and awareness of issues concerning students with disabilities, physical or otherwise. DDA will also advocate for and protect the civil rights guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The Alliance seeks to accomplish this mission by hosting meetings in which students with disabilities and their allies can discuss the various facets and complexities of being an ADA student. DDA will partner with other student group to host dialogues and panel discussions different topics about living with a disability as a college student and facing adversity. DDA will create a support network and build a community for ADA students by implementing a student mentor program and hosting monthly social events.

Our goal for DDA is to eliminate the stigma the sometimes comes with the term “disablility,” and to prove that disability should be considered as part of diversity. We want to be able to give those with disabilities a chance to speak up for themselves, tell people what they want, what they feel and to learn to advocate for themselves as well as to teach others how to advocate for those with disabilities. It is important because sometimes those with disabilities get left behind, and we want them to always be remembered.

In addition, we’re trying to reach out to not just people on Duke’s campus, but also in the Durham community.

DDA will promote accessibility issues on campus through the ICAN Commission, which is a representation to administration, DSG, and campus Council on behalf of ADA students and their needs.

Contact: carolina.robledo@duke.edu

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