Adopt-a-Grandparent (AAG) is a student community service organization comprised of students who volunteer with the elderly in Durham, primarily at Unihealth Post-Acute Care (formerly Erwin Gardens, then Integrated Health Services), a public nursing home and rehabilitation center within walking distance from West Campus.

The mission of AAG is to provide disabled and institutionalized senior citizens with social and emotional support, to foster the formation of positive social relationships between senior citizens and Duke students, and to encourage understanding and appreciation of the senior citizens in our community, especially those who lack social support and financial resources.

Most members make one-to-one visits with older adults at least twice a month, in addition to fun group activities, such as Bingo, a Senior Citizens Ball, student performances, craft activities, and special holiday events.


How to Sign Up: Sign up for the AAG listserve by joining the Duke Groups site to get updates on our activities. You can begin volunteering with AAG anytime.

President: Shane Bierly

Primary Contact: Shane Bierly at