Autism Speaks U Duke

Autism Speaks U Duke is an organization led by students committed to raising awareness of autism spectrum disorders. With 1 in 68 Americans diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we aim to support a more accepting community that enhances the lives of autistic people.

We focus on three main components: 1) Community Outreach/Service to affected families in Durham, 2) On campus advocacy and education, 3) Undergraduate research opportunities.

First, we have monthly meetings for our social support group, Blue Devil Buddies, where we invite autistic youth to campus to hang out with peers in an inclusive environment.

Second, we initiate on campus campaigns to raise awareness and tolerance towards the ASD community (e.g. Spread the Word to End the Word, Autism Awareness Month, etc.).

Finally, we connect undergraduates with opportunities to connect with faculty and engage in research studies on ASD through our faculty dinner series.


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